John C. Whitcomb, ThD


  • Grace Theological Seminary, BD, ThM, and ThD
  • Princeton University, BA

Carrera docente

  • Professor of Theology and Old Testament, Grace Theological Seminary (1951-1990)
  • Chairman for the Old Testament and Christian Theology Departments, Grace Theological Seminary
  • Director of Doctoral Studies, Grace Theological Seminary
  • Lecturer in Canada, Central African Republic, the Far East, Latin America, and Western Europe

Otros aspectos destacados de la carrera

  • Recognized worldwide as a top-notch biblical scholar and expositor of the Scriptures
  • President, Whitcomb Ministries, Inc.
  • Founder and professor, Christian Workman Schools of Theology
  • Helped establish a church in Puerto Rico
  • Extensive mission work in Peru and China
  • President, Board of Spanish World Gospel Missions, Inc. (40+ years)
  • Board of Trustees, Grace Brethren Foreign Missions (20 years)
  • Editor, The Grace Theological Journal (10+ years)
  • World War II veteran


  • Numerous books, including The Early Earth, The World that Perished,Esther: The Triumph of God’s Sovereignty, and The Genesis Flood, a book he coauthored with Dr. Henry Morris
  • Coming to Grips withGenesis: Biblical Authority and the Age of the Earth, a 2008 Master Books publication, was written in Dr. Whitcomb’s honor.