Jonathan Chao, PhD (1938-2004)


  • University of Pennsylvania, PhD
  • Westminster Theological Seminary, MDiv
  • Geneva College, BA

Carrera docente

  • Taught courses in Theology and Chinese Religious History at the Graduate School of Theology in Hong Kong
  • Taught or lectured at several other seminaries in Asia and the United States including Calvin Theological Seminary, Fuller Theological Seminary, Reformed Bible College (now Kuyper College) Wheaton College, William Carey University, and the Seminary of the Air

Otros aspectos destacados de la carrera

  • Considered the leading expert in the world on the church in China by the time of his passing
  • Director of the Chinese Church Research Center in Hong Kong
  • Founder of the Chinese Mission Seminary
  • Missionary to China for 25 years, teaching his faith and tracking the development of Christianity in China under Communist rule
  • Traveled to China more than 100 times to train ministers to lead the Christian “house church” movement
  • Lectured on the house church movement at conferences and in churches across the United States and Canada


  • Numerous books and articles including A History of Christianity in Socialist China, 1949–1997, China Mission Handbook, and Wise as Serpents, Innocent as Doves: Christians in China Tell Their Story (interviews by Dr. Chao)