Harold L. Longenecker, DD (1926-2014)


  • Western Baptist Seminary, DD
  • Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, ThM

Carrera docente

  • Director Emeritus, Rural Home Missionary Association
  • Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies and President, Montana Institute of the Bible (1966-1979)
  • Lecturer and guest speaker at numerous schools and churches throughout the United States
  • Speaker in Europe and South America
  • Visiting professor in France and Venezuela

Otros aspectos destacados de la carrera

  • Director Emeritus, Rural Home Missionary Association (RHMA)
  • Minister at Large, RHMA (14 years)
  • General Director, RHMA (9 years)
  • Member, Independent Fundamental Churches of America (IFCA) and National Home Missions Fellowship
  • Ordained by the Congregational Bible Church
  • Pastored and helped plant churches in Alabama, Illinois, and Wisconsin


  • Several articles and training guides for future pastors
  • Several books, including Village Church: It’s Pastor and Program, Building Town and Country Churches, and Growing Leaders by Design