J. Herbert Kane, LHD (1910-1988)


  • Barrington College, LHD
  • Brown University, MA
  • Barrington College, BA
  • Graduate of the Moody Bible Institute

Carrera docente

  • Professor Emeritus, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
  • Professor at the School of World Mission and Evangelism, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (1967-1980)
  • Director of Missions and professor, Lancaster Bible College (1963-1967)
  • Teacher of Missions and New Testament, Providence Bible Institute, now Barrington College (1951-1963)

Otros aspectos destacados de la carrera

  • Alumnus of the Year Award, Moody Bible Institute (1981)
  • Pastor, Onward Gospel Church in Quebec
  • President of three missions organizations: The Association of Evangelical Professors of Mission (AEPM), The Midwest Fellowship of the AEPM, and the American Society of Missiology
  • Many years in missions work in China through the China Inland Mission (CIM)
  • Served in China during the Sino-Japanese War, WWII, and the Communist-Nationalist China Civil War (1935-1950)
  • Known for insights into crosscultural work and contextualization
  • Writings became standard texts at seminaries in missions training schools throughout the world


  • Numerous articles for Moody Monthly, Christianity Today, Missiology, Eternity, and Evangelical Missions Quarterly
  • Author of 11 books, including The Progress of World-Wide Missions, A Global View of Christian Missions, A Concise History of the Christian World Mission, Life and Work on the Mission Field, and The Christian World Mission: Today and Tomorrow