Stuart E. Lease, DD (1930-2004)


  • Lancaster Bible College, DD
  • Boston University, MA
  • Gordon College, AB
  • Lancaster Bible College, BA

Carrera docente

  • President, Lancaster Bible College (1961-1979)
  • During his time at Lancaster Bible College, enrollment rose from less than 100 to more than 450, the number of full-time faculty more than tripled, and the library grew tenfold
  • Dean, Lancaster Bible College
  • Professor, Lancaster Bible College
  • Teacher for the Moody Bible Institute Courses of Study with the Good Life Bible Institute

Otros aspectos destacados de la carrera

  • President, Scripture-Centered Ministries
  • Pastor at various churches in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania
  • Minister with Kirby Smith Associates, a ministry focused on church finances
  • Various capacities, including Bible speaker, ministry leader, and noted author with Good Life Ministries for more than 20 years
  • Pastor for Swedish Covenant Church made up of Swedish immigrants, and served as pastor for an Armenian Congregation


  • Hundreds of recorded teachings and various books authored
  • Good Life Ministries has compiled and published more than 400 of his recordings into 52 books.