Knut Heim, PhD


  • University of Liverpool, PhD
  • Free Theological University Gießen, MDiv

Carrera docente

  • Professor in Old Testament, Denver Seminary
  • Tutor in Old Testament, The Queen’s Foundation/University of Birmingham (UK)
  • Tutor in Old Testament, Trinity College/University of Bristol (UK)

Otros aspectos destacados de la carrera

  • Presbyter, Methodist Church of the United Kingdom
  • Member, The Society of Biblical Literature, the Institute of Biblical Research, The Society for the Study of the Old Testament (UK), and The Tyndale Fellowship (UK)
  • Missionary, Operation Mobilization


  • Like Grapes of Gold Set in Silver: An Interpretation of Proverbial Clusters in the Book of Proverbs; Poetic Imagination in Proverbs: Variant Repetitions and the Nature of Poetry; and Lady Wisdom: A Portrait Through Time (forthcoming)
  • Numerous articles and essays on all of the poetic books of the Hebrew Bible, as well as the book of Isaiah
  • Article on Psalm 23 appeared in January 2016 volume of Christianity Today