Rodney Cox, PhD

Otros aspectos destacados de la carrera

  • President/CEO and Founder of Ministry Insights International, which has developed profiles, books, trainings and resources to help Christian organizations and individuals build strong leaders, teams, marriages, and families
  • Chief Business Development Officer for Target Training International (TTI) Success Insights
  • Vice President, TTI
  • Developed an advanced internet delivery system for strengths assessments, which was patented in 2001; he then re-purposed this profiling system for use in the Christian community, using it to build unity in the church, ministries, Christian marriages, and families
  • Consultant, working with employers to hire and retain employees based on their strengths using world-class behavioral assessments developed by TTI with his clients to achieve excellent results
  • Characterized as one of the most insightful men in the strengths movement


  • Author of multiple works, including the Leading from Your Strengths series, Love and Money, Different by Design, The Discovery Kit, and Incredible Creatures Adventure Kit (DVD Series)